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CITG Interpreters’ Qualifications

CITG's Interpreters have achieved interpreter’s professional certificates, such as CILISAT certification,  THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® INTERNATIONAL, Medical Knowledge and Terminology, Canadian Legal Knowledge and Terminology certificates. CITG's interpreters can provide full range of language services in community, medical and legal settings. CITG's interpreters specialize in many Chinese dialects which are not limited to Mandarin and Cantonese. We offer more than 30 dialects from the Chinese language.

CILISAT:   CILISAT Certificate Language Proficiency Assessment, the certificate is issued by CISOC and CITG,                          approved by the Ministry Immigration and Citizenship, widely recognized in Canada

CMI:         Conference Master Interpreter

IRB:          Refugee Interpreter, Immigration and Refugee Broad

LKT:          Canadian Legal Knowledge & Terminology Certificate: OCCI PDUs 25 hours of professional training.                        Certificate is issued by Ontario Network Language Interpreter Services, founded by The Law                                    Foundation of Ontario

MAG:       Criminal Court Interpreter, Ministry of Attorney General

STLD:       Sight Translation on Bail Hearing Legal Document Professional Development, the Certificate is issued                    by CITG, approved by OCCI for 4 PDUs.

CITG interpreters always provide high quality professional services. CITG interpreters, who became APCITG members, are protected by professional errors and omission’s insurance.

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