The Fundamentals of Interpretation

8Modules  /  30Hours

Module 1 Interpreter’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice

Define what Community Interpreter is and its status in Canada

Diverge factors between Interpreters and Translators

Understand the 8 ethical principles that govern the professional interpreter’s conduct

Interpreter Certificate and exam

Downloadable resources (Module 1 PPT, Code of Ethics for interpreters PDF, Sample Quiz)


Module 2 Modes of Interpretation, Constituent Tasks + Language Labs Intro

Review Ethical Principles

Implement ethical principles in interpretation professional practice (Case studies)

Understand different modes of interpreting and its constituent tasks (13 modes of interpretation)

How to complete and submit Language Lab assignments

Downloadable resources (Module 2 PPT, Task and Modes of Interpreting WORD, Language Lab audio, Quiz 1)


Module 3 Interpreter Introduction and Assertiveness

Explain the role of professional interpreters (Case studies)

Present the components of the Interpreter’s Introduction (Individual practice)

Discuss the importance of the Interpreter’s Assertiveness, Focus and Concentration

Discuss strategies to prevent and/or overcome challenges during an assignment

Downloadable resources (Module 3 PPT, Interpreter Assertiveness WORD, Interpreter Introduction PDF, Quiz 2)


Module 4 Memory Retention and Note-Taking

Active listening

Memory retention


Identify problems and develop solutions

Downloadable resources (Module 4 PPT, Memories-Note-taking Exercise WORD, Tips on Note-taking PDF)


Module 5 Prosody, Pronunciation, Paraphrasing, Register & Obscenities

Importance of Interpreter’s speech and pronunciation

Strategies of paraphrasing

Interpreting obscenities

Language Lab practice

Downloadable resources (Module 5 PPT, Register WORD, Let’s Paraphrase PDF, Additional Practice: Fact Sheets PDF)


Module 6 Interpreting for Social Services (w/ Ethical Dilemmas Role Plays)

Understand different social services programs

Emergency Assistance, Sole Support Parent, EI exhausted 10 + programs studies

Practice consecutive interpretation

Practice Sight translation

Downloadable resources (Module 6 PPT, Frequently Used Forms 20 documents PDF, Language Lab audio, Financial Assistance)


Module 7 Cultural Awareness (w/ Ethical Dilemmas Role Plays)

Importance of cultural awareness in interpretation

Understand biases and case studies

Identify pro-judging and stereotype related cases

Challenges of practice of interpreter code of ethics

Downloadable resources (Module 7 PPT, Culture Case Studies PDF)


Module 8 Sight Translation + Remote Interpretation (Phone and Video)

Rules of Sight Translation (ST) & Over Telephone Interpretation (OPI)

Understand when ST is used and the challenges

Understand when OPI is used and the challenges

Role play

Downloadable resources (Module 8 PPT, Guidelines for Sight Translation PDF, ST Exercise 1-6 PDF, OPI Role PDF, Language Lab audio, Child Welfare)


Interpreter Certificate Exam preparation

Exam formats

Dos & Don’ts

How to practice

Downloadable resources (Skills Development Workshop PPT, Information for CILISAT Candidates PDF, CILISAT Preparation Guide PDF, CILISAT sample test audio Mandarin, CILISAT Mock test audio Cantonese)