Legal Interpretation

9Modules  /  28Hours

Module 1 Introduction to the Canadian Legal System

understand the dynamics of the Canadian Justice System

identify powers and realms of the Federal and Provincial Governments

understand how courts are organized

apply new concepts and vocabulary

Downloadable resources (Module 1 PPT, ST Exercises 1-4 WORD)


Module 2 Civil Law for Interpreters

understand and explain civil law terms

understand and explain terms specific to family law

accurately interpret various documents containing the newly acquired terms and concepts

ST practice

Downloadable resources (Module 2 PPT, Family Law Activities 1-2 WORD, ST Exercise Divorce PDF, Language Lab audio: Counselling Dave)


Module 3 Introduction to Criminal Law

Understand how Criminal law works in Canada

Explain concepts and processes specific to Criminal law

Use correct terminology when interpreting in criminal law settings

Consecutive interpretation & sight translation practice

Downloadable resources (Module 3 PPT, Interpreter in Legal System Manual PDF, ST Probation Order WORD, Language Lab audio: Counseling Mary)


Module 4 Domestic Violence and Child Welfare

Understand the contexts of domestic violence and child welfare

Identify challenges and ethical dilemmas related to interpreting in these settings

Use correct terminology while interpreting

Apply strategies necessary to perform interpretation while observing ethical principles

Downloadable resources (Module 4 PPT, Domestic Violence Manual PDF, Child Welfare PDF, Task and Modes of Interpreting WORD, Language Lab audio, Practice for PAR and DV video, Activities 1-4 3 PDT, 1 WORD)


Module 5 Violence Against Women Prevention (VWAP)

Better understand the context of working with survivors of gender-based violence

Overcome challenges that may inhibit a professional’s ability to provide a non-judgmental and quality service

Use new concepts and terminology specific to this context

Apply strategies to further their interpreting skills and to better handle ethical dilemmas

Downloadable resources (Module 5 PPT, ST Consent Form to Obtain Evidence WORD, Language Lab audio: VWAP)


Module 6 Introduction to PAR (w/ PAR Role Plays)

Revisit domestic violence

Discuss PAR goals and objectives

Explore ethical challenges for interpreters in PAR sessions

Offer simultaneous interpretation practice

Downloadable resources (Module 6 PPT, Partner Assault Response (PAR) Manual PDF, Activities 1-2 PDF and WORD, PAR documents 21 PDF, Task and Modes of Interpreting WORD, Language Lab audio: Probation and Parole)


Module 7 Legal Aid

Review Legal Aid Ontario organization and its purpose and functions

Learn the criteria of eligibility for benefits from LAO

Learn about Specialty clinics

Offer practice of the new concepts and vocabulary in interpretation activities

Downloadable resources (Module 7 PPT, Building a Legal Vocabulary WORD, Activities 1-2 PDF)


Module 8 Immigration and Refugees

Present an overview of Homelessness Partnership Initiative (HPI)

Explore myths about immigrants and refugees

Review Canadian Refugee system

Offer practice of the new concepts and vocabulary in interpretation activities

Downloadable resources (Module 8 PPT, Immigration and Refugee Protection PDF, Activities: 1-3 PDF including IRB interpreter role, Facts about Immigration & Refugee PDF)


Module 9 Simultaneous Legal Interpretation (SLI)

Explore what Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) is and when it is practiced

Explore challenges this mode of interpretation may face with

Address challenges of SI

Practice strategies and tactics to overcome challenges through practice

Downloadable resources (Module 9 PPT, Modes of Court Interpreters, Protocol for MCIS Interpreters WORD, SLI recording exercises 1-3, Series book resources: Coping Tactics for Interpretation)