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CITG – A Path to Success

September 13th , 2015 was the day that I arrived in Canada. I can still clearly remember how excited I was when I saw my plane land at Pearson Airport because I believed Canada would be the place that will make all my dreams come true!

I didn’t spend much time to accustom myself here due to my English competency. But one major concern was always on my mind; how do I find a niche in a short period time? Fortunately, I found the information of training session for Mandarin Interpreter provided by CITG one day.

CITG is funded by a group of highly talented professionals, the exclusive accredited Mandarin-English Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool center in York region. The CILISAT test is approved by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. I met the trainer as well as the founder of CITG -Jenny in the first CILISAT training session. She impressed me greatly by her tender, sweet voice and nice accent. Not to mention her professional interpretation skills and experiences enlightened me in many ways. What’s more, I realized that it was my long-time dream to be an interpreter and my dream could be fulfilled in the near future!

I love the training session not only because Jenny taught us interpretation skills but set many examples from her own practical working experiences that we may not get to know from anywhere else. After obtaining the CILISAT Certificate, I registered and passed the exams for LKT(Legal Knowledge and Terminology), CI (Community Interpreter) and MKT(Medical Knowledge and Terminology). They were all very helpful and beneficial to me for finding relevant interpreter jobs.

Up to now, I have signed up with 3 translation companies: Language Services Associates (LSA), 911Interpreters, All Languages Inc. and started my work with these companies. Among them all, LSA is one of largest and fastest-growing language services providers in the world. Its hourly pay is up to 27US$. Needless to say, it’s fairly hard for the candidates to pass their assessments because pf its high standards and strict requirements. These are my first jobs after I arrived in Canada, without the help of CITG, I could not achieved so much. I’m very proud of being a student of Jenny from CITG and I will always be grateful to Jenny for lightening my life as a beacon tower.

I think I’m one of the luckiest new immigrants to catch a right train on a right track at a right time with the help of CITG. Jenny and Cici, the founders of CITG provided so many practical and beneficial training sessions that pave a path to success for all the students. I extend my sincere gratitude and blessing to you!

Thank you, Jenny and Cici!

Best wishes to CITG!


Aug 12th, 2016

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