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CITG Certificate Interpreters & Translators Group was founded by a group of professionals in 2015.  CITG has now become

  1. A licensed CILISAT multi-language test center

  2. A Chinese speaking interpreter training center


Our interconnected training-test-certificate-job referral-further training programs make our trainee interpreters familiar with industry terminology and common industry procedures and practices.


The training programs equip successful test candidates with nationally recognized community interpreter’s certificate that qualify them to interpreting in healthcare, government, insurance, financial service, hospitality, law enforcement, court of justice, and general business, etc.

CITG, a licensed CILISAT test center, is guided under CISOC's regulations. CILISAT, standing for Community Interpreter and Language Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool, is an assessment system which was created by CISOC on the request of Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship, Cultural and Recreation in 1994.

CITG administers the CILISAT certificate test in 50 languages and issues CILISAT certificate combined with CISOC to those successful test candidates.

Tests are available in the following languages:

• Albanian • Amharic • Arabic

• Bengali • Bosnian • Burmese

• Cambodian/Khmer • Cantonese • Chin • Croatian

• Dari

• French

• German • Greek

• Haitian-Creole • Hindi • Hungarian

• Italian

• Japanese

• Karen • Kinyarwanda • Korean • Kurdish (Kurmanji) • Kurdish (Sorani)

• Lingala

• Mandarin

• Nepali

• Oromo

• Pashto • Persian/Farsi • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi Gurumukhi • Punjabi Perso-Arabic

• Romanian • Russian

• Serbo-Croatian • Sinhalese • Somali • Spanish • Swahili (Central African) • Swahili (East African)

• Tagalog • Tamil • Tigrigna • Turkish • Twi

• Urdu • Ukrainian

• Vietnamese

CITG, an excellent and unique Chinese speaking interpreter training center where Chinese speaking interpreters are trained in Chinese-English and by way of both remote and classroom attendance in-person training


Our training courses are designed to suit trainees from entry level to advanced level, covering interpreter basic training, legal, medical and social service areas that interpreters encounter the most frequently in our interpreting and translating service.


Composed of 25 modules, the modules can be grouped into 4 series.

Series I: the basic and standard requirements of all community interpreters, such as interpreter’s code of ethics, standard of practice, challenges in interpreting, different modes of interpreting, etc.


Series II: knowledge and terminology of social service programs and interpreting challenges


Series III: knowledge and terminology of criminal law, civil law, family law, Immigration and Refugee Act, etc. and interpreting challenges in legal settings


Series IV: medical knowledge and terminology and interpreting challenges in public health and private clinic settings


All courses allow downloadable resources for trainees’ reviewing after class.

If you want to become a professional Chinese interpreter, contact CITG.

If you want to work as a professional Chinese interpreter, contact CITG.