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Language Assessment - CILISAT 

Hello CILISAT test candidates,

Thank you for contacting CITG for your CILISAT test. 

CITG is the only test center authorized to provide Remote CILISAT test across Canada.


We are also authorized to administrate on-site CILISAT test in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton.


I am attaching two documents for your reference. 

1.    Remote Test Requirement.

2.    CILISAT Preparation Guide.

If you decide to schedule the test, you can access our CILISAT booking system to choose your test date , time, on-site or remote options, as well as test fee payment ($275 HST included). 


Multiple languages: full test fee for each language. For example: If your chosen test languages are English-French and English-Spanish, English-French is one CILISAT test and English-Spanish is the second CILISAT test.


Retake: full test fee of $275 HST included

Cancellation policy:

Fail to show on scheduled date and time: NO Refund

Same day cancellation: $50 administration fee will be deducted and the rest of balance can be used as a credit for your future test. If you have not paid the test fee, $50 will be added to your test fee.


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards,

CILISAT Test Coordinator 

CITG, a licensed CILISAT test center, is guided under CISOC's regulations. CILISAT, standing for Community Interpreter and Language Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool, is an assessment system which was created by CISOC on the request of Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship, Cultural and Recreation in 1994.

CITG administers the CILISAT certificate test in 50 languages and issues CILISAT certificate combined with CISOC to those successful test candidates.

Tests are available in the following languages:

• Albanian • Amharic • Arabic

• Bengali • Bosnian • Burmese

• Cambodian/Khmer • Cantonese • Chin • Croatian

• Dari

• French

• German • Greek

• Haitian-Creole • Hindi • Hungarian

• Italian

• Japanese

• Karen • Kinyarwanda • Korean • Kurdish (Kurmanji) • Kurdish (Sorani)

• Lingala

• Mandarin

• Nepali

• Oromo

• Pashto • Persian/Farsi • Polish • Portuguese • Punjabi Gurumukhi • Punjabi Perso-Arabic

• Romanian • Russian

• Serbo-Croatian • Sinhalese • Somali • Spanish • Swahili (Central African) • Swahili (East African)

• Tagalog • Tamil • Tigrigna • Turkish • Twi

• Urdu • Ukrainian

• Vietnamese

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