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Training Programs

CITG has been providing interpreter training from entry-level to advanced levels across Canada and China. 

The training is not only for Mandarin and Cantonese speaking interpreters already in gainful employment but also for those would-be interpreters who want to start their interpreting career.


The training is specifically designed for the Chinese-speaking market and is conducted either in Mandarin or in Cantonese while practice resources are in both Chinese and English. Training is synchronized and allows for training participation from anywhere in the world. The live online format guarantees interaction between the trainers and the trainees.

CITG trainers are senior interpreters and master interpreters from the front line. They contribute their decades' professional experience, translating nearly 100,000 words of training-related materials from English to Chinese such as terms and procedures of Canadian Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Immigration and Refugee Law. Thanks to their immense effort, we now have a databank of English-Chinese terminology for training, interpretation, and translation purposes that is accessible online. 

The systematic training courses will enhance trainees’ confidence by equipping them with a solid understanding of theory, practical knowledge, and interpreting skills. The vivid coaching by CITG trainers takes trainees into real-life legal, medical, immigration, and social services interpreting settings. The role plays are a very helpful experience for everyone taking part in the training.

Trainees can access, download, and save the training resources for review. 

Join us to become a professional interpreter.

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CITG Canada, an excellent and unique Chinese speaking interpreter training center where Chinese speaking interpreters are trained in Chinese-English and we offer both remote and in-class training

Online Training


In-Class Training


Foundations of Interpretation

8Modules  /  40Hours


Foundations of Medical Interpretation

10Modules  /  40Hours


Foundations of Legal Interpretation

5Modules  /  20Hours

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