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Foundations of Medical Interpretation

10Modules  /  40Hours

Module 1

Medical Terminology I

Understanding medical terminology

Effective communication using medical terms

Commonly used terms in medical settings

Module 2

Medical Terminology II

Body systems 

Review essential terms

Video and audio exercises

Module 3

Introduction to Anesthesiology

Pain scale

Pain management

Related medication

Informed consent

Module 4

Introduction to Cardiology

Related conditions and disorders

Common signs and symptoms

Cardiovascular tests and treatments

Module 5

Introduction to Endocrinology

Glandular system

Related disorders

Diagnoses and treatments

Module 6

Introduction to Nephrology

Kidney disease

Related symptoms and treatments

Module 7

Introduction to Oncology

Interpreting for cancer patients

Related terms

Case studies


Module 8

Introduction to Orthopedics

Disorders and surgeries

Related interpreting cases

Module 9

Introduction to Psychiatry

Mental health

Related terms

Case studies

Module 10

Public Health


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