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CITG Certificate Interpreters & Translators Group was founded by a group of professionals in 2015.  We service the interpretation, translation, coaching, training, business management and IT management industries.

Certificate Programs

A Chinese Speaking Interpreter Training Center

Post Training Assessment

Test learners’ skills

Language Assessment

A Licensed CILISAT Multi-Language Test Center



Training Program

CITG Canada, an excellent and unique Chinese speaking interpreter training center where Chinese speaking interpreters are trained in Chinese-English and we offer both remote and in-class training

Online Training


In-Class Training




Information Session 

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Post Training Assessment

Test learners’ skills on interpreter’s introduction

Test learners’ skills on interpreter’s role boundaries

Test learners’ skills on memory retention and note taking

Provide a final evaluation on learners’ performance

Cilisat Test Center

CITG is the only test center authorized to provide Remote CILISAT Test in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and across Canada.


We also provide on-site CILISAT tests in the city of Toronto.

Remote Test


On-Site Test

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45 Sheppard Ave East Suite 900
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