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Merry Christmas !

Hello everyone, CITG would like to share some exciting stories with all of you. During 2016, CITG offered 165 interpreters with various job opportunities. There were 51 interpreters who have successfully became employee interpreters and about 40 interpreters are under processing. The trained and certified interpreters from CITG have transitioned into professional interpreters. During 2017, CITG will continue to offer the best training on CILISAT (Community Interpreter Language Interpretation Skill Assessment Tool), CESP (Interpreter Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice), MKT (Medical Knowledge & Terminology), and LKT (Legal Knowledge & Terminology). The schedules of these programs will be posted on CITG’s website ( after Jan 5, 2016. CITG will offer more professional enhancement workshops during 2017. We invite you to offer your suggestions on topics that you would like to learn or know more. Please submit your suggestions before Jan 31, 2017. We will collect your suggestions and organize suitable workshops for you! CITG will be closed from Dec. 22, 2016 to Jan 2, 2017. Your certificates will be available for pick up starting tomorrow Dec 22, 2016. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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