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Jack's Story

My name is Jack, I immigrated to Toronto from China with my wife and daughter in September 2015. I heard that a truck driver could make decent money to support a family for a new comer. After one and a half months' training, I became a long-haul driver and working between Canada and USA. Everything was settled and looked very good for me until an accident happened. I had severe abrasions on my upper and lower arm during the accident. The doctor told me that I might stay home for a while before I could go back to work. I was the only income source in my family and all of a sudden everything changed, looking at my 2 year old daughter, thinking about how my family can survive, I was very sad and needed help desperately.

One day, I listened to a free seminar of accident benefits introduced by CITG. I definitely need the information from that seminar and I became more worried when I learned that there were no further assistance I could get from my insurance claim. I believe hings happen for a reason. At the seminar I meet with CITG training team and learned CITG refers candidates to home-based working opportunities for interpreters which was perfect for me.

Could I become a professional interpreter?

In October of 2016, I joined a 8-week training instructed by CITG’s facilitators, Jenny and Cici. In the middle of training, Jenny referred me and my other classmates to the largest language service company in North America. Under CITG training team’s professional guidance and encouragement, I had a very smooth boarding process and became an employee interpreter. Right before Christmas I received my recruiter’s call, she congratulated me on passing the final assessment.

I was so happy! Not only because I needed a job badly to support my family during my most difficult time, the most important thing was having my confidence back in my life.

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