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Danny's Story

My name is Danny. Before I came to Canada, I worked for an insurance company for four years in China. Then, I got my MBA in Canada. It seems that I have good enough professional and academic experiences so that I should be able to find a decent job quickly. Is it true? No, not even close! Most employers ask for work experience in Canada. It’s definitely a big problem for newly graduated international students. Also, candidates are expected to have skills that are required for the specific position.

After a few months of looking for jobs online and from job fairs, I realized that I need to change my plan and I turned to CITG. I participated in some lectures and I found out becoming an interpreter is a practical way to start my career in Canada. Therefore, I enrolled in the interpretation training at CITG. During the training, the CITG training team lead by Jia whom is one of the most experienced interpreters I know, showed us how to become an interpreter through numbers of ways, such as “daily warm up practices”, group practices, educational videos, so on and so forth. More importantly, CITG does have resources that I can never find online or from any job fairs. In fact, Jia referred me to a full time Cantonese-English interpreter position with employment benefits. I am confident about my interpretation skills, but I believe the only reason I got a chance so quickly to become a professional interpreter was that I was referred by one of the top interpreter facilitator in Canada. Here, once again, I sincerely thank CITG training team for bringing me to the starting line of my professional career in Canada.

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