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Start of New life with CITG and Interpretation

For my age, it wasn’t usually regarded as an age which supposed to start a “new life”. Thanks for Canada, the New World in North America, I got an opportunity to start a new life here.

Starting a new life is definitely exciting, but it also related to lots of challenges and uncertainty. Without any positive result for several months’ job hunting, I suddenly took fright: I might not be able to find a job at all.

Anxiety kept catching me until I learnt that CITG was looking for interpretation talents. I had some translation and interpretation experience when I was working as a market analyst. I was confident with my English capability. Furthermore, I like English since it’s a nice language and very common tool for communicating.

The interview was held at Victoria Training Centre. It was already 11 pm when it’s my turn. Jenny, the interviewer which was also the president of CITG was so kind and encouraging. She praised me for my ability and experience, which gave me more confidence. The only obstacle between me and interpretation profession were certificates.

I am not a “good student” actually. I usually prefer self-study rather than sit in on a class. However, I found the lecture from Jenny and Cici, as well as Dr. Seif, was very rewarding. Medical and legal terminology was obscure and confusing, and there were thousands of them.

Apparently the teachers made plenty of preparation before classes. They classified the terminologies and regrouped them, made them less difficult to remember. They drew pictures and charts which helped the students to understand. And, maybe the most important, they answered all the questions raised by students patiently, not only in the class but also after the class. Though there were lots of questions and it costed lots of time, the teachers never complaint about that. With all the efforts, most students including me completed the training course and then passed the exam of CILISAT, MKT and LKT.

The most precious reward I got was the job opportunity. Even when the class was still going on, Jenny provided us the information that Language Service Associates was hiring freelance interpreters. She encouraged me to apply for the position and personally referred me. Cici also gave me much advice for applying. With all those help, I passed three round of interview and became an remote interpreter. I never thought that I could get a job so quickly. Undoubtedly it was because I chose CITG, chose interpretation.

The gain from interpretation work is not only the salary, but also the communication skills and the happiness of helping others. Now that I already worked as an interpreter for quite a while, I still appreciate the opportunity and help provided by CITG and their marketing partner, Victoria. They helped me to start a new life successfully.

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