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Training Outlines

Session I  Fundamental Interpretation (FINT) 30H

Session II  Legal Interpretation (LINT) 28H

Session III Medical Interpretation (MINT) 24H

Post training Assessment 

Workshops for more...

Maximize Interpreter's Career

International Organizations Job Opportunities

Work From Home Job Opportunities

Localization Job Opportunities

Advanced Interpretation & Translation Skills

Workshops for jobs and advanced interpretation & translation skills

CITG provide you an outstanding training program to become a professional interpreter!

APCITG cares your job opportunities and career development!

After you completed your interpreter training, what is your next steps?

APCITG provides professional workshops that answers all of your concerns and questions after training.

APCITG provides 27 workshops to walk with you together into your professional interpreter career. 

To brief APCITG workshops, there are four categories as the follows,

  1. Job Opportunities and how to prepare yourself

  2. Category II Interpretation acquired practicable skills

  3. Category III Sight Translation Knowledge & Skills

  4. Category IV Advanced Court Interpretation Knowledge & Skills

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